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WelcomeStart is a simple to use employee induction programme. Following general orientation and introductions, new starters are invited to begin their induction with WelcomeStart.

The induction can include any topic in any order you decide. For example, you can choose to begin with an introductory page followed by a welcome message from a senior person such as the Chief Executive. This can either be as text, audio, video, graphics or a combination of any of them – as indeed can all parts of WelcomeStart.

From there, new employees can progress logically through sections which typically cover: Our Structure, How we Work, Diversity, Staff Services, Trade Unions, Compliance, Induction Days, Check List. In fact, any topic relevant to induction can be included and sequenced however you wish.

The WelcomeStart programme is specifically designed for your organisation. It integrates seamlessly with your network using an interface which reflects your corporate guidelines. If changes happen within the organisation, you can change WelcomeStart to reflect them.
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